Engagement Rings Jacksonville Fl : Q&A: How many of you are married and still in love?

Engagement Rings Jacksonville Fl

Question by L.T.: How many of you are married and still in love?
I’ve been married 17 yrs,in love with him still.What about you?
(i love a good mushy love story)

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Answer by bucks110
I have been married for 5 1/2 years. Still very much in love. I know that it is not a long time but we are very much in love

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16 thoughts on “Engagement Rings Jacksonville Fl : Q&A: How many of you are married and still in love?

  1. middle aged and love it

    Not married but been with for 10 years and still in love. I think it is harder to stay together when not married.

  2. wifa4lifa

    I’m married too, and still in love with my husband, even more than when we first met!!! Me and my Husband have been thru so much together-sickness, poverty, loss of our 1st son, and so much more that I think our love has been tested in more than one way. I’m planning to be with him til the day I die and even in heaven (so we say). He’s my strength and my everything and the best part of waking up in the morning. That’s why my avatar is named wifa (wife) 4 (for) Lifa (life). Hee Hee!!!

  3. LeeLynn

    8 years and counting…we meet @ a bank. Then started dating, got married, a now we have 2 little boys! I thank god everyday for this…

  4. dd14101

    well i met my for the first time when i was 11
    years old he was a new student in the middle of the school he was 12 when i first laid eyes on him i said he is going to be my husband i meant to say boy friend we were together throughout school and we now been married25 years 5 kids 14 grands and still in love

  5. nwnativeprincess


  6. daniellerose217

    I have only been married for 2 years –with lots of problems and drama, BUT my husband and I are still in love no matter what we are dealt…I cannot imagine my life without him in it..plus we now have our first baby on the way and we could not be happier! marriage is alot of work, but if you are in love with someone you will do whatever it takes .

  7. Vampira

    We’ve been married for 5 years and I love him more everyday. He saw me across a crowded dance floor….it was love at first sight….we’ve been together ever since. He’s my best friend and my lover. I’m very blessed :)

  8. ruthie_msw

    Married and in love, totally smitten except for his geographical choices, but I can live with that as long as the AC works (just kidding), I love him even when I am overheated and mean! He is a wonderful man, my second husband and I had said I would NEVER get married again (after the first husband was a cheater and abusive to me). It took me 14 years to decide that I may want to reconsider my mantra that I “Would never make that mistake again!”, in ref. to marriage).

    Romantic story, I think so. We met on a chatroom in late 1995, we began to spend hours each night talking to one another on the net, then sharing a phone call before we went to sleep. We continued to “date” in this way, and we were both completely honest with each other about EVERYTHING. He was a wonderful person, and I found that I felt so good about him that I began telling my close friends about him and that I thought he may be the man for me. Oh you would have thought I said I was going to marry a seriel murderer! They were all so upset claiming that he was probably not everything I thought, and that he was probably lying to me, and that I could not risk falling in love with someone I had never even met!

    He and I continued to chat and talk on the phone, and the conversations were getting more and more intimate, we had exchanged photographs and back then I guess because I was new to the Internet, I never considered that he may be lying! We used a chat program called PowWow, and we really believed it was private, and if it wasn’t…then somewhere out there it’s a fact there is some pretty hot stuff in cyber space!

    One day he sent me a picture of a set of rings, and he proposed to me! I mean we had never met! I said, “Yes!” On Thursday November 7th, 1996 he flew to Jacksonville, FL from Columbus, Ohio after making arrangements with me to meet him in the lounge of his motel that evening. When I told my friends that I was going to finally meet my true love, they actually tried to keep me from going to meet him! Finally they said that I should have someone to go with me…I agreed, but I said that when I said everything was fine, that she would leave us with one another. As soon as I met him I knew that he was Mr. Right. We shared a glass of wine with my friend, and she seemed to like him well enough, in fact I felt like she was a 3rd wheel on OUR date. I told her that she could go, I was sure I would be fine (if he had been an ax murderer at least he did not have his ax with him right then!) We had dinner and drinks and he put the engagement ring on my finger, VERY romantic! We made a date to drive down to the Coast at New Smyrna Beach on Friday Nov. 8, 1996, and there we would have a service by the justice of the peace and be married.. It was a little scarey, but I knew I loved him, it was a leap of faith, and we got married the next day with another friend from the Internet chatroom where we first met as a witness at the ceremony, I had a few things to put in order, and only a few days to do it, before I was on a plane going to my new husband’s home in Ohio. His family was so shocked, and they are such wonderful people, we have shared a lot in these last 10 years, but I have never been sorry that I have him to face all that life may bring our way together! I never regret marrying him or loving him!

    So I believe in true love, and I think it can happen at anytime to ANY one, even if you are NOT looking for it, Cupid is very sneaky with those arrows, and I just know I am really so fortunate to have a good man like the man I have to share my life with!

    Good question! It reminded me that miracles do and have happened for me!

  9. Jessica G

    Been married for 3 1/2 years. Yes still near the newlywed category, but falling deeper in love everyday of our wonderful lives together! Can’t imagine a much more loving husband and father.

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